Tres Pilares

Vineyards are located in La Seca, in the heart of the DO Rueda. A land of climatological contrasts and geographical peculiarities, perfect for the cultivation of our Verdejo variety .

Flat but high-altitude lands that endure long, cold winters, short springs with late frosts, and hot, dry summers. This factor forces the strains to look for their water resources deep underground, more than in other areas of Europe, which makes this variety unique .

Rainfall is scarce, reaching a minimum of 300 liters and a maximum of 500 liters annually. The vegetation sprouts late, with pruning until March or even April.


Juan Antonio, Eustaquio and Jaime: they are our Three Pillars. Three brothers belonging to a saga of winegrowers with more than 50 years of history. Thus begins our journey.

Discover with us the work behind each vintage. Get to know each variety of our DO Rueda and its different preparations. But above all, find out who is hiding behind each bottle. Because we are winemakers and viticulturists, and that is the truth behind our wines.